Carim A

October 1, 2018

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YouTube: Time - Persona 3 Dancing in Moonlight

glaciate: made a few more changes, I think I’m satisfied with the state of the site right now. Things are snappier than ever, everything is clean and pleasing to look at. Following from last time, further changes include the removal of the web font (now only using a local font) further reducing bandwidth, more text size and line height tweaks to maximise readability and a general consistency cleanup on links, colour usage, etc. I also got around to redoing the archive page and fixing some issues with server behaviour, page titling and metadata (still need to add page descriptions, though!), a lot was fixed thanks to this nice little tool.

anime: Persona 5 the Animation finished on Saturday, and it, uh, ended in a way. Of course, given a certain two things happened, it’s not the ending it’s trying to present it to be…For all of the faults with animation quality and pacing, the animé did a certain character much better than the game. I hope to talk more about them shortly!

streaming: I actually streamed today. Did you all know that the PS Vita had the ability to act as video output? Kinda rendered my reason for getting a PSTV moot.

gamedev: yeah, yeah, PhotoVs blog post is still incoming, just trying to collect as much screenshots as I can.

life: okay I named this “Time” and gave a weebish video for a reason: I’ve come to find since getting a job that I have no time for anything at all, when I do get home, I’m so tired that I’d be fine just lying down and falling asleep. I have no clue how people have the energy to be so…active…all day, just looking at them is exhausting. Oh well, I’ll figure it out eventually.

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