Untitled Progression

Carim A

April 17, 2017

2 min read


This format is nice! I feel like I’m at least writing something meaningful.

blog: even more design changes! Mostly to the overview page, I added icons to the post information and added an additional bit for an estimated reading time because why not. I also managed to get partial post markup working, so I increased the size of previews and changed each page to display 4 posts at once.

gamedev: the browser client for ‘Untitled’ is making good progress! In the space of 2 days I’ve ported all chat functionality and am now working on (probably placeholder) art and town generation server-side. Expect to see a bit shortly on some pixel art!

The interface has been reworked to be in portrait orientation for phones and work entirely with one hand, more on that later too.

gaming: hm…I haven’t really played anything in the past week. Still going to pick up Yakuza 0 and Persona 5 somepoint shortly, and I’d like to grab Graceful Explosion Machine for the Switch too. For some reason, I’m rebuying Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? I guess the Switch really is a teeny bit starved for titles right now? Need to pick up the Bayonetta PC port too! (Even if I won’t actually play it for some considerable time)

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