What's Up?

Carim A

September 8, 2018

1 min read


glaciate: I made some style changes just to freshen things up. Looking at heroku, I can see that there’s still actually a notable number of visits. How many of those are bots now, I’ve yet to figure out. Ohyeah, I finally set up SSL too: use HTTPS people! I’ve also taken the time to mirror all of the images on the server and compress them, images are (on average) 60% smaller in filesize!

life: I graduated! Not only that, but I found a job within a month; I’m now working as a Software Testing Engineer.

gamedev: In the interrim, I’ve made a decent amount of progress on a little project…more to come on that in another post very shortly.

gaming: Currently waiting on a PlayStation Vita that I’ve imported from Japan. When it arrives, I’ll finally get to play Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 Portable properly! Looking for other PS Vita/PSP suggestions too!

streaming?: sooooo I’ve decided that streaming regularly isn’t really for me, but that’s not to say I won’t stream ever again. Just when I feel like it. Which ain’t often. :)

Hm. Not really much more I want to cover, I’m more excited to write the next upcoming posts…

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