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Weekly Roundup: Full Steam Ahead!

I missed the last one, I've been busy! Exams and that.

  • life: exams are done! I just have one assigment (the game) and then I'm done for the year! Just one more year to go...
  • gamedev: I bought a domain for the game and I'm going to be holding a playtest session on the 12th and the 15th. I haven't really done anything for the game over the past week what with exam revision.
  • gaming: Picked up Persona 5! I made a bit of progress and am greatly enjoying this stylish game. I've also started to pick up parts for a better PC! But I can't actually build anything until I return to London in 20 days. 😒
  • (by extension) streaming: I'm going to be going to the computer labs on a near daily basis to try and get this game I'm just going to be streaming in the background. I hope I'm allowed to do that! A new computer will let me be able to actually use my capture card now. More on that later when I finally get to test it out.
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Weekly Roundup: Untitled Progression

Oh, I could get behind doing this more, writing these actually feels somewhat natural. This format is nice! I feel like I'm at least writing something meaningful.

  • blog: even more design changes! Mostly to the overview page, I added icons to the post information and added an additional bit for an estimated reading time because why not. I also managed to get partial post markup working, so I increased the size of previews and changed each page to display 4 posts at once.
  • gamedev: the browser client for 'Untitled' is making good progress! In the space of 2 days I've ported all chat functionality and am now working on (probably placeholder) art and town generation server-side. Expect to see a bit shortly on some pixel art! The interface has been reworked to be in portrait orientation for phones and work entirely with one hand, more on that later too.
  • gaming: hm...I haven't really played anything in the past week. Still going to pick up Yakuza 0 and Persona 5 somepoint shortly, and I'd like to grab Graceful Explosion Machine for the Switch too. For some reason, I'm rebuying Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? I guess the Switch really is...
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Weekly Roundup: Back Into the Hang of Things

It's been a while, huh? Sooo, I'm a fan of Eevee's Blog, so I've decided to shamelessly copy imitate what they do every week; a roundup of what happened the previous week! Surely this is something I can follow up on and keep reasonably updated with...

  • blog: I've been a bit busy lately, but I'm going to try to get back into writing. I have some planned bits surrounding changes and progress to Untitled, just need to actually...write something. I made some much needed design changes too, the site looks better than ever!
  • life: my assignments are all (kinda!) done! I have 2 exams and my last game design assignment due in just over a month. Not worrying! Maybe!
  • streaming: I'm looking to get back into streaming game development (I even went and fixed up all of my OBS settings and made a pretentious-looking overlay, see!) to go along with my original promise.
  • gaming: I got a Switch with Breath of the Wild! Well, I've had it since launch but I've finished the main game and have almost all shrines completed. I also borrowed a friend's PlayStation Vita and Persona 4 Golden and have been greatly enjoying that in the short...
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Game Programming Patterns - State Management

This article was written in collaboration between myself, Daniel Ward, Finlay Brooker, Jimi Westerholm, and Igors Bogdanovs for an assignment. This is merely the hosting grounds!

All code examples are for C# with MonoGame. A .zip file is provided at the end of this article with a complete demonstration. The examples given in this article require a basic understanding of C#.

How do Typical Development Paradigms Fit?

When it comes to game development, it can be a bit harder for somebody who primarily focuses on application development to fully transfer their knowledge. With the inclusion of repeating logic centering around game loops, it may not come first nature to know how to write code that isn't so hopelessly bug-prone.

Consider a platformer. We implement a character that responds to user input. Push the jump button and she should jump...but remember that we need to handle only a single jump or we could spam the jump button and jump forever!

To deal with this, you could have a flag as an If statement that is unset when the player lands. But then we want to add more actions such as ducking and walking, and each time something gets added, we end up with total...

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