Weekly Roundup: Untitled Progression

Carim A • 17 April 2017 • #status

Oh, I could get behind doing this more, writing these actually feels somewhat natural. This format is nice! I feel like I'm at least writing something meaningful.

  • blog: even more design changes! Mostly to the overview page, I added icons to the post information and added an additional bit for an estimated reading time because why not. I also managed to get partial post markup working, so I increased the size of previews and changed each page to display 4 posts at once.
  • gamedev: the browser client for 'Untitled' is making good progress! In the space of 2 days I've ported all chat functionality and am now working on (probably placeholder) art and town generation server-side. Expect to see a bit shortly on some pixel art! Screenshot progress The interface has been reworked to be in portrait orientation for phones and work entirely with one hand, more on that later too.
  • gaming: hm...I haven't really played anything in the past week. Still going to pick up Yakuza 0 and Persona 5 somepoint shortly, and I'd like to grab Graceful Explosion Machine for the Switch too. For some reason, I'm rebuying Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? I guess the Switch really is a teeny bit starved for titles right now? Need to pick up the Bayonetta PC port too! (Even if I won't actually play it for some considerable time)
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Carim A

Carim is the (currently!) sole developer, programmer and (reluctant) artist of Glaciate, slowly developing things that invariably end up never being shared. Would love to sit down and just write C#, but writing skills must improve!