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Weekly Roundup: Full Steam Ahead!

I missed the last one, I've been busy! Exams and that.

  • life: exams are done! I just have one assigment (the game) and then I'm done for the year! Just one more year to go...
  • gamedev: I bought a domain for the game and I'm going to be holding a playtest session on the 12th and the 15th. I haven't really done anything for the game over the past week what with exam revision.
  • gaming: Picked up Persona 5! I made a bit of progress and am greatly enjoying this stylish game. I've also started to pick up parts for a better PC! But I can't actually build anything until I return to London in 20 days. 😒
  • (by extension) streaming: I'm going to be going to the computer labs on a near daily basis to try and get this game I'm just going to be streaming in the background. I hope I'm allowed to do that! A new computer will let me be able to actually use my capture card now. More on that later when I finally get to test it out.
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Weekly Roundup: Untitled Progression

Oh, I could get behind doing this more, writing these actually feels somewhat natural. This format is nice! I feel like I'm at least writing something meaningful.

  • blog: even more design changes! Mostly to the overview page, I added icons to the post information and added an additional bit for an estimated reading time because why not. I also managed to get partial post markup working, so I increased the size of previews and changed each page to display 4 posts at once.
  • gamedev: the browser client for 'Untitled' is making good progress! In the space of 2 days I've ported all chat functionality and am now working on (probably placeholder) art and town generation server-side. Expect to see a bit shortly on some pixel art! The interface has been reworked to be in portrait orientation for phones and work entirely with one hand, more on that later too.
  • gaming: hm...I haven't really played anything in the past week. Still going to pick up Yakuza 0 and Persona 5 somepoint shortly, and I'd like to grab Graceful Explosion Machine for the Switch too. For some reason, I'm rebuying Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? I guess the Switch really is...
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Weekly Roundup: Back Into the Hang of Things

It's been a while, huh? Sooo, I'm a fan of Eevee's Blog, so I've decided to shamelessly copy imitate what they do every week; a roundup of what happened the previous week! Surely this is something I can follow up on and keep reasonably updated with...

  • blog: I've been a bit busy lately, but I'm going to try to get back into writing. I have some planned bits surrounding changes and progress to Untitled, just need to actually...write something. I made some much needed design changes too, the site looks better than ever!
  • life: my assignments are all (kinda!) done! I have 2 exams and my last game design assignment due in just over a month. Not worrying! Maybe!
  • streaming: I'm looking to get back into streaming game development (I even went and fixed up all of my OBS settings and made a pretentious-looking overlay, see!) to go along with my original promise.
  • gaming: I got a Switch with Breath of the Wild! Well, I've had it since launch but I've finished the main game and have almost all shrines completed. I also borrowed a friend's PlayStation Vita and Persona 4 Golden and have been greatly enjoying that in the short...
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