Hello! My name is Carim, and I'm the happy owner of glaciate.net. As it stands, I'm not doing too much with the domain, it's nothing more than a small blog and a portfolio (if it could be called that?)

Some Back Story…

Once upon a time, as an over-ambitious 15 year old, when I first bought and set up the domain, I tried to run Glaciate as an independent game development studio. Solo, plenty of ideas, what could go wrong? Of course, it was inevitable that I would run out of time with upcoming GCSE (and A-Level following) exams, so nothing ever really got done. But here's some history with pretty pictures, because, why not?

Glaciate 2012

For a short while, I had planned to launch my own site. It would be great, I could showcase everything that I wanted to do, I'd have an active and booming forum, and a bunch of other naive thoughts.

What you see above is the first major iteration of Glaciate. It was a simple myBB installation and I modified Simple Blue (I think? I emulated what Eclipse Origins was doing at the time). It was around this time that Iron Prelude was nearing completion and I actually did have a few volunteering friends working with me to get something done.

Glaciate 2013

After a while, I didn't really like how plain the forum was. I spent a long time to design the site you see above! I actually really liked the design and colour scheme, but the design wasn't entirely well received, despite how many tweaks. Fun fact: the social media, "More…" and call-to-action buttons never actually did anything.

It was around this time where forum activity was at its "strongest"; Iron Prelude was active and users could use their account to log in and play, development of other projects was going smoothly and set to open up for beta testing and several game servers such as Icecraft popped up which saw relatively good activity.

Eventually, I changed over to some paid theme that I can't remember the name of (I just remember liking it at first and almost immediately regretting the theme changeover). Around this time, I closed down Iron Prelude and Icecraft as I couldn't maintain them anymore, and with that, activity dwindled.

Sometime later, I deleted the forums entirely and put up a page explaining how I felt demotivated by the lack of action and was burned out from trying to work on additional projects and exams at the same time.

Glaciate 2015

Said apology page was up for about 3 months before I finally sat down and got to work on what you see above, except… I never actually finished it. The placeholder images you see above are exactly what were on the page, the blog was left alone with empty test entries and the projects page never functioned.

Literally nothing happened… so there's nothing much to explain about it. I was sick of this too, so I set out to…

And Now…

Do exactly what I attempted to do in 2015… but completely simplify my approach. Instead of making my own fancy CMS, the projects page would just be a static file of Markdown, blogs would use a simple flat-file approach, and I wouldn't put any focus on approaching Glaciate as an "independent development studio", because really… it never has been. And I'm fine with that!

Instead, I'm just going to treat it as a personal blog on a cheap cloud-based server and not worry myself over time issues. What's the use in worrying about what I can't change?

The Future?

Well, I have a few projects that I'm just slowly working on, but I'm not going to stress myself on completing them, just enjoy the ride. Maybe Glaciate might never reach its prime with Iron Prelude, maybe it might surpass that? I look forward to seeing what happens!