Full Steam Ahead

Carim A

May 1, 2017

1 min read


life: exams are done! I just have one assigment (the game) and then I’m done for the year! Just one more year to go…

gamedev: I bought a domain for the game and I’m going to be holding a playtest session on the 12th and the 15th. I haven’t really done anything for the game over the past week what with exam revision.

gaming: Picked up Persona 5! I made a bit of progress and am greatly enjoying this stylish game. I’ve also started to pick up parts for a better PC! But I can’t actually build anything until I return to London in 20 days. 😒

(by extension) streaming: I’m going to be going to the computer labs on a near daily basis to try and get this game done…so I’m just going to be streaming in the background. I hope I’m allowed to do that! A new computer will let me be able to actually use my capture card now. More on that later when I finally get to test it out.

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