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The Making of Icy Blog

written on the 27th of Jan, 2017 • About a 4 minutes read #icy-blog #programming #glaciate

Alternative Title: Why Does PHP Still Exist (I promise, this isn't a PHP complaint article.)

Shortly before making Icy Blog, I took a good look at Glaciate. It was stagnant with little (if any) content and half of the systems that I had painstakingly wrote were broken during a web host transfer. I wasn't ever really happy about nothing happening.

I thought hard about what I wanted it to be. Or rather, what I wanted to use to get it to be what I wanted it to be. My requirements were simple:

  1. It had to be something I could actually understand to make changes to. This ruled out anything PHP-based, as frankly, I don't want to think of a single hilarity that goes on with that thing.
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Glaciate 2017 - Moving On

written on the 18th of Jan, 2017 • About a 1 minute read #icy-blog #glaciate

Time for something new...

It's been a while, huh? Well, Welcome to the new face of Glaciate! In a newfound attempt to keep myself up-to-date in both writing skills and web development, I decided to write my own blogging system from the ground-up.

I've decided to call this blogging system Icy Blog (creative, right?). Made with NodeJS, but nothing fancy going on with posts: everything is stored in git, and all of the posts are formatted as Markdown (with a JSON segment that allows me some flexibility later on for features such as tagging). Commenting is powered by Disqus, and I'll certainly open-source it when I'm happy with it.

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