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Project Structure & Network Considerations

written on the 2nd of Feb, 2017 • About a 3 minutes read #gamedev #university #programming

Let's Begin Development!

Like any old programming project, we have to start from actually...making a project! Now, because Unnamed will be an online game, we'll need more than one project. There are three projects in total:

  1. The client: effectively a view for taking data from the server and passing input back.
  1. The server: the thing that the game logic will actually run on, alongside storing player data and islands.
  1. The core: functionality that is shared between the client/server and can function interoperably so a client with different specifications could possibly be made at any time.

You can see that some stuff is done already: I write these things at the end of the day, you know!

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Elevator Pitch

written on the 1st of Feb, 2017 • About a 2 minutes read #gamedev #university

It Begins...

I've finally started the game development module of my course and have until the 17th of May to design and release a game!

The pre-requisites are pretty simple; the game must have a GUI, must implement the MVC design pattern (not really sure how this is applicable to games, but eh), consider ethical/security implications and make use of at least one of

  • Online Gameplay
  • a Physics Engine
  • Collision Detection
  • Multithreading
  • Artificial Intelligence

The project that I've decided on is one that I've had plans for quite a while now, and it seems like a good way to kick myself into getting a prototype out there.

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