I Redesigned the Redesign (Again)April 26, 2019, by Carim A

How many times do you think this needs to happen before I finally settle on something?

Take a Deep BreathOctober 9, 2018, by Carim A

OK, so far, so good. I haven't majorly neglected to make a post, and I think my writing style is slowly improving, so at least the main goal of the site is progressing well!

TimeOctober 1, 2018, by Carim A

It's about time for another one of these, right?

Spring CleaningSeptember 20, 2018, by Carim A

Woah, a lot of changes for a site that barely sees use anyway.

What's Up?September 8, 2018, by Carim A

Uhhh hi. Yeah I didn't forget the site existed, I just got stuck in this spiral of "too little time to make a substantial update" -> "as time passes I need to make a more substantial update" so screw it, I'm just posting anyway.

Palette Shifting in MonoGameNovember 16, 2017, by Carim A

A little explanation on how to implement palette shifting in MonoGame

Full Steam AheadMay 1, 2017, by Carim A

I missed the last one, I've been busy! Exams and that.

Untitled ProgressionApril 17, 2017, by Carim A

I could get behind doing this more, writing these actually feels somewhat natural.

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