Back Into the Hang of ThingsApril 10, 2017, by Carim A

It's been a while, huh?

Game Programming Patterns - State ManagementMarch 9, 2017, by Carim A, Daniel W, Finlay B, Jimi W, Igors B

This article was written in collaboration between myself, Daniel Ward, Finlay Brooker, Jimi Westerholm, and Igors Bogdanovs for an assignment. This is merely the hosting grounds!

Ethical ConsiderationsFebruary 4, 2017, by Carim A

It's just like Animal Crossing…what's the problem? But then we remember that this is an online game, so I'll have to turn my thinking around anyway…

The Legend of the Usable UI LibraryFebruary 3, 2017, by Carim A

Finding the solution to a consistent gripe…

Project Structure & Network ConsiderationsFebruary 2, 2017, by Carim A

Let's Begin Development!

Elevator PitchFebruary 1, 2017, by Carim A

I've finally started the game development module of my course and have until the 17th of May to design and release a game!

The Making of Icy BlogJanuary 27, 2017, by Carim A

Alternative Title: Why Does PHP Still Exist (I promise, this isn't a PHP complaint article.)

Glaciate 2017 - Moving OnJanuary 18, 2017, by Carim A

Time for something new…

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