I'll redo this page eventually, I swear.

Currently, I'm an employed full time software testing engineer fourth third year Computing student, so my free time lately can be rather pressed at times. Despite that, I try my best to work towards my own projects. Here are some things I've made in my own time. There are many more that I'm either withholding or never saw the light of day, but eh, no issue to me.

Some old code and my assignments end up on Github, nowadays though, I tend to use GitLab (although, that's mostly to take advantage of unlimited private repositories.)

At some point, I'm going to redo this page to be a bit more presentable (and automated) rather than have it as a static Markdown file.

Available Projects

  • NitxBot Discord
  • Glaciate (Icy Blog + CMS): Huh? You're here, right? Well, as it stands, the current iteration is no more than a blog, but in the past, I used to run a small forum, with which users could use their accounts to log into Iron Prelude or The Tower.
  • PasteMD: A paste tool that I built because the current Markdown-supported options did not have an API I could freely fling data at. Available for anybody to use.

(Or, as it should be read: Games I'm willing to share)

  • Verdant Days (2016) [On Hold]: more to come
  • Geomancy (2016) [On Hold]: A Fire Emblem-inspired Strategy RPG made with C# & MonoGame.
  • Terrashift (2016) [On Hold]: An Online Roguelike Hack'n'Slash made with JavaScript & WebGL. Spiritual Successor to The Tower.
  • Nifuu Library (2016): A rapid-prototyping library I developed for use with MonoGame so I could quickly spit out proof-of-concepts and prototypes without needing to deal with trivialities.
  • Storyteller's Engine (2014) [Completed]: A visual-novel engine made for a friend, made with C# & XNA.
  • The Tower (2012-2013) [Discontinued/Completed]: A 2D Online RPG Roguelike made with VB6 & DirectX7 using Eclipse Origins 2.0. With graphics using a Gameboy palette, it was one of the first Eclipse Origins games to feature randomised dungeons and items.
  • Time's Hourglass (2012) [Discontinued]: Another 2D Online RPG made with VB6 & DirectX8 using Eclipse Origins 3.0 and its new RPG Maker-styled eventing systems featuring time travel.
  • Iron Prelude (2010-2012) [Discontinued/Completed]: Yet another 2D Online RPG made with VB6 & DirectX7 (later versions used DirectX8) using Eclipse Origins 2.0. Amassed a small playerbase of regulars before eventually closing from lack of time to maintain the game.

Discontinued Projects

  • P1csMe (2013-2015): P1csMe was an image sharing service like; you downloaded a tiny program and used hotkeys to immediately either take a screenshot of your desktop, take a screenshot of a segment of your desktop, take a screenshot of the active window, or upload the contents of your clipboard. I had to discontinue P1csMe when I changed webhost, as my new host did not allow image hosting sites under their ToS.
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